K J Somaiya Centre for Studies in Jainism
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where is your Jain Centre located?

    Ans: K.J. Somaiya Centre for Studies in Jainism,
            Cabin No.7&8,IInd Floor,
            Management Institute Bldg.,
            Vidyavihar, Mumbai– 400077.

  • Why should I study Jainism?

    Ans: To develop Nonviolence in one's life and manyfacetedness of the things and thoughts, the study of jainism is  necessary. Ahimsā(Nonviolence},Aparigraha(Non-possession)and Anekāntavāda(manyfacetedness) help to develop peace and prosperity in the world. It is an end in itself.

  • What is the future career of this study?

    Ans:One may conduct the classes on Jainism or join any Voluntary organization. It helps to understand the problems of life  properly.

  • May I enroll Ph.D directly after this course?

    Ans:M.A. or/& M.Phil.degree is necessary for Ph.D.

  • Is your course recognized by the University?  

    Ans:The course will be recognized in short period as we get the affiliation from University of Mumbai. Affiliation in     process with Mumbai University, passed through  BUTR on 9-5-2011 item No.54.