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      Jainism, one of the most ancient faith, is a living religion in India today. It has its own original philosophy and science. Its teachings may be briefly summarized as

  • Love and friendliness towards all living creatures.
  • Malice and hatred towards none.
  • Non-violence and Non-absolutism.

The essence of knowledge is conduct. Hence ethical discipline is prescribed to affect all round development of an individual- ethical, social and spiritual. Universal compassion, friendship and forgiveness constitute the core essence of Jainism. It emphasises Ahimsa in practice and Relativity in Thinking.

Course Details for the year 2019-2020

मंगल पर जीवन की इतनी आवश्यकता नहीं, जितनी कि जीवन में मंगल की है, आइये !

तनावमुक्त शान्त जीवन और मंगल की प्राप्ति हेतु जैनधर्म और दर्शन का अभ्यास करें

Sr. No.





Basic Course in Jainism.

1 year

Rs. 1000/-



Certificate Course In Jainism.

(Affiliated with University of Mumbai )

1 year

Rs. 3000/-



Diploma Course in Jainism.

(Affiliated with University of Mumbai)

1 year

Rs. 3000/-



Advanced Diploma in Jain Philosophy.

(Natak Samayasar) (Prashamrati Prakarana ) (Tattvarthsutra)

2 years

Rs. 3000/- each text



Basic Course in Prakrit Language  and Literature  

1 year

Rs. 2500/-



Advanced Course in Prakrit Language and Literature  

1 year

Rs. 3000/-



 M.A. by Research (Philosophy)

Minimum 2 years

Rs. 15000/-



  Ph. D.  (Philosophy)

Minimum 2 years


Rs. 12000/-

9 Short Term Courses - ( Bhaktamar, छहढाला, Ahimsa Darshan,Kalyan Mandir Stotra , etc., )         3 Months    Rs. 1000/-

Key Points :

1.   Facilities : We provide AC lecture room, WiFi facilities, vast educational campus and dedicated library for Jainism. Student has access to over 13 libraries in the campus and to over 5 lakhs books.

2.    Devised Methodology:  Teaching is done utilizing latest techniques. Presentations using PowerPoint and whiteboards. An important part of this program is the opportunity to conceptualize what is learned in the class room by visiting historical places of interests, interacting with various faculties, debates / lectures as well as have ample opportunity to discuss amongst participants and the faculty members.

3.    Faculty: PhD in Jainism, advanced studies in Jainism. Over 10 / 15 years of experience in Jainism studies. Empaneled faculties from different walks of life to bring in various perspectives. Specialists having studied specific Jainism concepts.

4.    Our students belong to various fields like IT, Engineering, Doctors, Business Women as well as housewives. Student can listen to the lectures from home / office in case they are unable to travel to the institute.

5.     Student receive academic certificate from Mumbai University or K J Somaiya Centre for Studies In Jainism.

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